Prayer Stations

Read more about what interactive prayer stations are about, possible layout for prayer stations, and how my church came about implementing prayer stations into our Sunday worship.

Here is a list of themes and topics:


Advent I
Advent II
Advent III
Advent IV
Advent V
Advent, Ordinations, & Installations
Advent Candle Lighting
Advent and Daniel
Advent, Refugees, & Immigration


Easter & Ascension

Baptism of the Lord/Baptism

Baptism of the Lord
Baptism of the Lord II
Candles & Meaning of Names
Baptism & Epiphany


Church’s Vision & Mission & the Good Samaritan
Evangelism, Discipleship, Servanthood, & Diversity
Vision & Call


Creation & Community
Creation & Forgiveness
Creation & Immigration


Easter & Doubt
Easter & Empty Tomb
Easter & Resurrection
Easter & Thomas
Easter & Ascension
Easter, Thomas, & Mission
Easter & Transformation


Baptism & Epiphany
Temple & Epiphany
Epiphany, Wilderness, & Wise Men

Golden Calf

Golden Calf

Gospel Stories

Calling the Disciples & the Act of Resistance
Feeding the 5000 & Calling of Disciples
Church’s Vision & Mission & the Good Samaritan
Good Samaritan
Gratitude & the Ten Lepers
John 3.16 & Lent
Mary & Martha
Parable of the Sower
Parable of Unforgiving Servant
The Healing of the Two Women
Beatitude Mandala

Justice Issues

Creation & Immigration
Hunger Awareness
Hunger Awareness II
Jeremiah 2, Creation, & Earth Day
Pentecost and Immigrants/Refugees
10th Anniversary of 9/11 & Peace
World Food Day
Welcoming the Other: Hospitality, Gratitude, Respect
Immigration, Faith Statements, & Outreach
Lent & Social Justice Issues


Lent II
Lent III
John 3.16 & Lent
Rainsticks, Pentecost, and Lent
Lent (Mark 10)
Lent & Social Justice Issues
Epiphany, Wilderness, & Wise Men


Light and Covenant (Genesis 9)


Love II
Rooted in Love


Easter, Thomas, & Mission


Pentecost I
Pentecost II
Pentecost III
Rainsticks, Pentecost, and Lent
Pentecost IV
Pentecost and Immigrants/Refugees
Pentecost (Romans 8)


Prayer 2 & Lord’s Prayer
Prayer & Crosses


Paper-making & Psalms
Psalm 150 and Praise


Daniel 6
Isaiah 40
Jeremiah 2, Creation, & Earth Day
Micah & Stewardship
Paper Making & Jeremiah


Stewardship 2
Micah & Stewardship



Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday

Interactive Prayer elements in the following blogs:

Intergenerational Advent Worship
Intergenerational Palm Sunday Worship
Worship that Journeys through the Seasons
Lent through the Eyes of Luke
A Wrecked Lenten Journal
Intergenerational Palm Sunday Worship II
Interactive Installation & Ordination Ideas
Golden Calf, Exodus 32
Paper-making & Psalms
Paper Making & Jeremiah
Theme: Community and Silk Painting
Good Friday Interactive Ideas

Interactive Gift Ideas:

Anniversaries, Ordination, and Installations

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  7. Pastor Theresa, wanted to let you know you are featured on Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity today! Here’s the link:

    I so love the beauty and creativity you are exploring in prayer here. Keep up the good work you are doing for the glory of his kingdom!
    Blessings, Jody Thomae
    Author, “God’s Creative Gift — Unleashing the Artist in You”

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  11. Thereas, I attended the Advent workshop at Montreat last fall and came away very energized. My congregation said after Advent that they got their $$ worth for sending me! I appreciare all the ideas you share on Still Waters as well. Thanks!

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