Interactive Prayer Stations on Stewardship & Commitment

Stewardship and commitment to the church are wonderful opportunities for people to explore on their own personal commitment. Below are ideas of interactive prayer stations that focus on these themes. (For more specific instructions on layout, purpose, design, and more ideas, you can view previous posts tagged under “Interactive Prayer Stations.”) To view pictures of the Interactive Prayer Stations, click here.

Interactive Prayer Station #1: Journey into Celebration

Materials: Markers, Pledge Card, Basket, Candle

Although I’m tempted to approach God as a consumer, seeking to be served, these days am I using God or letting God use me. Authentic worship means God being present to me and me being present to God who penetrates our whole life, regardless of how we feel in the moment.

How authentic do I find myself to be in worship? (draw a symbol of self)

How is it dangerous for me? (draw a symbol of that feeling)

How do I offer up to God? (draw a symbol of your gift)

For whom am I God’s presence? (draw a symbol of your capacity)

Interactive Prayer Station #2: Journey into Community

Materials: Bucket of sand, Tealights, Pencils, Candle, Pledge Card

Why in the world would I want to be part of a church, or St. John’s – what difference does it make in the lives of others? I really am taking a risk to be among others with whom I have little, if any, history! Living in community within God’s household can get messy. A church is a way of living deeply and fully with people here and now, in the place we find ourselves – a collection of storied, fractured folks.

What 3 words speak of my story?

What do I offer to others in this community?

Who is God’s presence for me?

Light a candle to symbolize your light in this community.

Interactive Prayer Station #3: Journey into Compassion

Materials: Basket, Candle, Pledge Card

Imagine yourself moving into a house with a huge picture window. . . keeping the window clean develops into an obsessive-compulsive neurosis. You accumulate ladders and buckets and squeegees. You construct a scaffolding both inside and out to make it possible to get at all the difficult corners and heights. You’re very pleased with yourself. You have the cleanest window in the country – but it’s now been years since you looked through it. You’ve lost your vision.

If I want to follow Jesus, it is less about making my life better and more about serving, giving up, letting go for others.

Reflect upon your desire and offer a prayer that speaks of that desire.