A Sunday (3) in the Life of a Pastor/Mother: Casualties

Today was one of those days in which I should have just crawled back into bed. Actually, the whole week was like that. Already my energy was low from having to plan and lead a 6-hour presbytery retreat for 50 council members and committee chairs a couple of days ago. With me being presbytery moderator and my husband being a committee chair it was just easier to not take the kids to school that day. But I digress . . . today was another day. In fact, I literally thought it was a different Sunday than the one I had planned for.

You see, today was a day we call “Interactive Sunday,” where we set up interactive prayer stations in worship. On these Sundays, we don’t have any Sunday School programs because the stations are meant to be intergenerational. Only yesterday morning, did I wake up and realize the mix-up. Now, you can say, “Theresa, everyone does that every now and then.” Except that, I literally spent the week planning for both the interactive prayer stations and Sunday School this Sunday without realizing it. It was as if my right brain and my left brain weren’t aware of what the other was thinking. Usually I would just shrug it off but I am aware that next Sunday we have a guest preacher because my Head of Staff will be having hip replacement surgery this week and no Sunday School planned. So, it will be all me for a while.

With all this on my mind, this pastor/mother was a bit frazzled. Running 15 minutes late, I rushed the kids into the car, ignored the empty gas light that was on, and managed to accidentally drop my 3 year old on the ground while taking her out of her car seat. My saving grace really is my congregation, who after noticing the mix-up of programs, volunteered to help me put together an impromptu Sunday School program for next week.

Luckily the casualties were minor this time for this frazzled mom: I lost a few more brain cells; my son was only mildly neglected; and my baby girl has a little scraped arm. Nothing that McDonald’s can’t fix.

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