A Sunday (14) in the Life of a Pastor/Mother: I Hate Balloons

“I hate balloons!” That is what my 3 year old girl screamed as I was prepping the sanctuary this morning for today’s intergenerational Palm Sunday worship. If it had been any other Sunday, I wouldn’t have minded, but today was one of those worship services where it isn’t a traditional service. A lot of time, coordination, and extra effort went into making this worship inviting for all ages.

Who hates balloons? My daughter that’s who. Of course, this came after screaming in the grocery store. Silly me to think I could make a quick stop before worship to get ice.

Who hates balloons? Apparently, my daughter, but she doesn’t hate communion bread, which she loudly demanded during worship. Conveniently enough, it wasn’t during or after communion, but BEFORE. So, I did what any pastor/mother would do to quickly quiet her screaming child. I gave it to her. And there you see a picture of her holding the communion bread, grinning from ear to ear as if she had won first prize.

And I honestly have to say that I think I hate balloons now. In other news: the worship service went really well.

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