A Sunday (18) in the Life of a Pastor/Mother: New Shoes

Last week, I blogged about how now that my kids are getting older, I am able to wear more what I want to wear then what is practical – enter in my new shoes – bolder color and higher heel. I wore my new shoes today, especially since I knew that my husband was going to take the kids to his church. Because I was preaching today, I was thankful to not have the unexpected distraction that only my baby girl can deliver with the utmost charm.

Turns out that I didn’t need my baby girl to deliver any unexpected distractions. I was pretty good at doing it myself. Who put the wrong season and date on the bulletin? What? It’s not the season of Lent or March 11? Oops! Good thing I already made hundreds of copies of the bulletin. For some reason, the perfectionist in me wasn’t bothered because I was wearing new shoes. It may seem shallow, but it’s amazing how something like new shoes can make you feel better about yourself . . . which actually was the main point of my sermon. Not shoes, but that we are enough . . . that God loves us just as we are and that we are worthy of God’s compassion and forgiveness.

I recently had to write a blog about motherhood mantras: those sayings we say to ourselves as mothers to get through they day. My mantra is “It’s good enough.” In many ways, by accepting that “it’s good enough” what I’m really accepting is that I’m good enough.

It’s not easy as a mother to accept that. It’s not easy for anyone to accept that we are enough. My hope is that if I keep saying it to myself, it will be easier to believe. I have to say, the new shoes help.

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