A Sunday (24) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Home

This past week was the first time my kids ever spent a significant amount of time away from home without the parents. When we came home Saturday, it was a great feeling to come home – nothing like sleeping in your own bed, sitting in your favorite chair, and eating your own food. This morning, I had the same feeling come over me when I arrived at church. There were certain things about my church that were familiar and comforting and remind me that I am home. I think my kids sense it too. They know immediately what they are allowed to do and where things are and who people are. They know what goodies will be available after church and which person will sneak them another cookie. For my kids, those are the signs that they are home.

For me, the signs are a little different. It is watching my kids sprawled out on the chancel before worship playing with their toys. It is the fact that little “Evelyn” felt comfortable enough to ask for prayers for her hurt leg during Prayers of the People. It is knowing that members in the church will spontaneously rise up when they notice there are no ushers to pass the offering baskets. And it is hearing the little whispers of children, purrs of little babies, and the shuffle of walking toddlers during worship that also remind me I am not only blessed to work at this church but that this church is my home.

What are signs that you are home?

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