A Sunday (25) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Fathers

As a pastor/mother married to another pastor, sometimes it feels like I am going at it alone especially since the  kids mostly come to church with me. But the truth is that it is a true partnership. While the kids are mostly with me on Sunday, there is so much leading up to the week that my wonderful husband takes care of. With my travel schedule sometimes that means having to take the kids to the evening bible study. When I moderate presbytery, it means sitting with the kids during the meeting and keeping them quietly entertained.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, I am very blessed to have an incredible partner not only in life but also in ministry. Recently in the news, a couple in their 80’s was asked what was the secret to a long and happy marriage. They replied dressing alike. For the past 35 years, their outfits matched. While my husband and I won’t be dressing alike (at least on purpose) any time soon, I just want to recognize that he is a great pastor/father/husband a woman could ask for.

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