A Sunday (27) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter, I know I am gone for a long time. Nine days is a long time to be away, but I want to share with you what I have already witnessed in three days. I have experienced and participated in things that should give you much hope dear daughter. I have experienced and participated in things that I hope make you proud of me as your mother. I have experienced and participated in things with you in mind dear daughter in order to make this world a place that you deserve.

I spent six hours with faithful women and men dreaming of possibilities for the Presbyterian Church to advocate for children in healthcare, criminal justice, poverty, hunger, and worship, just to name a few.

Photo by Ray Bagnuolo

I have watched the strength of our outgoing moderator Cindy Bolbach lead worship and moderate her last meeting in the midst of her cancer treatment with grace and humor.

I prayed and supported my dear seminary friend Tara Spuhler McCabe as she became Vice Moderator to this current General Assembly – a woman who I have known through our single years, discerning our call, getting married and having children, ’til now.

This morning, I got to sit around a table of brilliant Korean-American clergywomen and racial ethnic women in ministry as we supported Ann Rhee Menzie receiving a Women of Faith Award for all her work advocating for women in domestic violence.

This is what I have experienced so far and the “business” of the Church hasn’t even started yet. These have been my cloud of witnesses and I am delighted to know that no matter what is in store for you, there are faithful people doing great work. You will hear some negative stuff and you will hear the many ways where the Church falls short. What I want you to hear from your mother is that those things should not define the possibilities that lie before you. It should be a sign that there is still more work to be done and I look forward to watching you grow to see how God is calling you to engage in whatever work you are gifted to do.


Your Mother

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