A Sunday (28) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Hangover

After returning the night before from a long nine day trip in Pittsburgh where I attended the 220th General Assembly, Sunday was painful. And yet, I had to get up, get the kids dressed, and head over to the church. My Head of Staff was smart in getting that day off, but at least I wasn’t preaching. Thankful to have gifted Parish Associates who are willing to step in. Nine days of waking up early and going to bed really late would give anyone a hangover. Nine days of crazy use of parliamentary procedures and emotional debate would send anyone over the edge. So I ask forgiveness from my children when this pastor/mother gives you peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner because she is too tired to cook; falls asleep in the middle of playing a game; and doesn’t pay any attention to you as she sits on the couch like a zombie. I’m sure my children don’t care since it probably means they got to play video games for an unhealthy amount of hours without being bothered to go play outside.

To remedy this hangover, I promise to veg out all day Monday and have a healthy serving of “Korean Hangover Soup.” Ah hah, bet you didn’t know that something like this existed. Nothing like a thick, spicy, hearty ox bone soup made with soybean paste, bean sprouts, radish, green onions, and ox blood to cure a bad hangover – whether it’s from a night of heavy drinking or nine days of Robert’s Rules of Order.

3 thoughts on “A Sunday (28) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Hangover

  1. Haejangguk. Yum.
    Thanks for all your good and hard work.
    Many good conversations will continue.
    Holy mischief is afoot. Amen.

    1. ah, you know about it. thanks steve. look forward to having future convos with you about what happened at GA. need more soup before that happens though. 🙂

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