A Sunday (44) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Post-Its

My son’s school is right across the street from my church. The benefit of this is that after I pick him up from school he can hang out in my office as I finish up some last minute to-do list items. Luckily my son has no problem entertaining himself. His favorite thing to do is go through my office supplies, especially post-its. Usually I’m too busy to notice what he is doing with these post-its until I randomly come across one as I am working. Most of them are just drawings of dragons and ninjas, but every once in a while I will come across one that stops me in my tracks and pauses me to think.

One of his post-its said, “This is just to remind you about Ian and Isabella,” which made me wonder if I have been working too much lately and need to spend more family time. Another one read, “To mom. From Ian. I love you very much. I promise to love my mom, but sometimes I may break that promise.” I love that there is promise and truth all mixed up in this little post-it. It makes me think that I should write one to God. “To God. From me. I love you very much. I promise to love you, but sometimes I may break and have broken that promise. Thank God you love me and there is nothing I can do about it.”

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