A Sunday (47) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: In Honor of . . .

In worship today, my Head of Staff announced that I had finished my year as moderator of the Presbytery of San Francisco, which is why I may have a giddy look on my face. At first, I thought he was referring to the after glow of my trip to Disneyland last week. He pointed out that the last pastor from St. John’s to serve as moderator was the founder of the church, William Anderson Scott. When he said this, he pointed to the stained glass window that was in honor of William Anderson Scott. And while I won’t be receiving my own stained glass window, he wanted to say that the church was very proud of the hard work I put in these past two years.

I have been at this church for nine years and it amazes me how much I still don’t know about St. John’s . . . for example, I didn’t know that it had been almost a hundred years since another pastor would serve as moderator. Every now and then, I come across another plaque in honor of a name I don’t recognize. Everywhere around the church are little memorials of faithful people that have been a part of making St. John’s what it is today. And while we aren’t in the habit of hanging plaques anymore, we mark our presence in other ways.

The adults who have kept their baptismal promise to support and spiritually nurture the children in the church have left a marking of love and grace.

The children who run around the sanctuary, jump off the chancel, and make a joyful noise have left an imprint on the spirit of the church.

The collective prayers shared by this community to uplift and support each other through good and bad have certainly left a lasting presence that encompasses God’s forgiveness and compassion.

I may not have a stained glass window in honor of me, but I have forever been changed because of this particular faith community.

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