A Kids’ Guide to Worship

In a previous post, I shared the journey my church has gone through to move into a more intergenerational way of worshiping. I also shared some lessons learned in an intense 2-month experiment of trying some different things in worship. One thing that became clear during the experiment is a need to have some type of worship guide for parents and kids, explaining the different components of worship. I got the idea from A Children’s Guide to Worship, which does a great job explaining worship through illustration. However, there are parts and words used that we don’t implement in worship at my church so I found myself making a version of my own. While I followed a similar structure to the book, I added a message to parents about the importance of children in worship and why we believe worshiping intergenerationally is important. I also added our community covenant that provides guidelines so that all can worship in a comfortable and inclusive way. What’s great about providing guides like this is that it is informative for all ages, not just kids.

Here it is in pdf: Kid’s Guide to Worship.

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5 thoughts on “A Kids’ Guide to Worship

  1. Thank you so much for your blog! I found it through Renew 52. It’s so exciting and has helped me to make small changes in worship already! Thanks! Abby

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