Interactive Prayer Stations on Easter

20 On Sunday morning while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance. (John 20.1)

Typically, the Sunday after Easter, my church sets up interactive prayer stations. After the hoopla of Easter service with trumpets and all the festivities, we center this service on reflection, prayer, and contemplation on the meaning of Easter in our faith journey and in our lives.

Below are ideas for interactive prayer stations focusing on the meaning of Easter. The interactive prayer stations are meant to be intergenerational. You can view more pics here.

Interactive Prayer Station #1: Accept Peace

Materials: origami paper, paper clips, origami instructions, stick, pencils


I let go of the things in my life and the world that I will never understand, cause me confusion, anger or self-doubt – things out of my realm of control. I let go of the fear of mot being able to find resolve.

Write a word or symbol on the paper. Prayerfully make an origami dove as instructed – or your own way – hang it with a paperclip.

Find peace, as you let the fear soar away. Pray for your peace of freedom from its domination, loosening its hold from now on, leaving it to Jesus, in whom there is all knowledge, all resolve and who is our perfect peace.

For a moment, let this become part of you . . . let God add this to your faith journey.

Interactive Prayer Station #2: Pursue Peace

Materials: Markers, Sticks, Ribbon


I let go of my fear of powerlessness when following Jesus, as I work for justice. For my own dignity I take action, though I may not see results, God uses me to transform lives, sending me to nonviolently speak, act or advocate peace/justice. I will do justice; using my opportunities, abilities, and passion. I will pursue peace and no longer fear. With words or symbol prayerfully write and commit to, any issues(s) on a ribbon, tie it to a stick. When bound with the Spirit and others, it will endure.

reflect on the significance of this . . . let God weave this into your heart.

Interactive Prayer Station #3: Find Peace

Materials: Mirror, Papers, Markers, Baskets, Pencils


I let go of the fear and hurt from actions done or words said, intended or unintended by those in the church or people claiming they “speak for God” which cause hurt, encourage me to fear, feel shame or mistrust the church and Jesus’ love. It injures my sense of God-self – my understanding of how God sees and accepts me.

Write 1 or 2 things and tear them up, defying their hold over you. Then write what should have been done or said on the mirror, affirming God’s intention for you, how God sees you and regards you. Be aware of Christ’s healing peace within you.

allow this to settle into you . . . let God connect this for you.

2 thoughts on “Interactive Prayer Stations on Easter

  1. Hi Rev. Theresa-I just discovered your site and love it! Where would I get instructions for making your origami doves for Easter and also the origami crosses? Thank you Cathy

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