Interactive Prayer Stations on Light (Genesis 9)

17 So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.” (Genesis 9.17)

Below are ideas for interactive prayer stations focusing on God’s covenant with us. The prayer stations give an opportunity to reflect on our own sense of worth, action, and present need in order to embrace God’s covenant with us. You can view more photos here. (For more specific instructions on layout, purpose, design, and more ideas, you can view previous posts tagged under “Interactive Prayer Stations.”)

Interactive Prayer Station #1: Light Discovered

Materials: Trash Bin, Newspaper Scraps, Markers


Draw symbols of what to you are three unlovable things about you, things perhaps you have given up on in yourself, things you’ve not been proud of, things that perhaps haunt you, then cross them out as irrelevant to how God sees you, loves you and calls you. Throw them in the garbage bin.

For a moment, let this become part of you . . . let God add this to your faith journey.

For older kids . . . 

God made good things in me. Draw pictures of three of them.

I do wonderful things for my family and friends. Draw pictures of four of them.

Sometimes there are things that make me sad or angry. Draw pictures of two of them.

Interactive Prayer Station #2: Light Shared

Materials: Worksheet, Pencils


Where and how will you share your light? What issues will you speak out for and how? Who will you specifically embrace this month in a bold way? What cause will you embrace or join that brings justice to others and how will that happen? Take our ideas with you.

reflect on the significance of this . . . let God weave this into your heart.


I will speak out for the issue of ______ by _________.

This month, I will embrace or speak with (person) in a bold way.

I will embrace or join the cause of ___________ bringing justice to others by doing _________.

Interactive Prayer Station #3: Light Renewed

Materials: Bucket, Sand, Candles, Matches


Offer a prayer that invites God’s calling presence, the light of Christ, to be renewed in you, perhaps in a fresh way, a way that you have not experienced before, thanking you to an unknown, less comfortable, more challenging place, knowing that God unconditionally offers God’s-self to you. Light a candle to represent God’s renewed light in you.

allow this to settle into you . . . let God connect this for you.

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