Interactive Prayer Stations on Easter & Doubt (Matt 28)

“When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.” (Matthew 28.17)

Below are ideas for interactive prayer stations focusing on Easter. You can view more photos here. (For more specific instructions on layout, purpose, design, and more ideas, you can view previous posts tagged under “Interactive Prayer Stations.”)

Interactive Prayer Station #1: Questioning & Call

Materials: Map of city, Tacks, Strips of paper, Pencils


What should we stand for that stands out from our culture? If we have been transformed, what is our call to be & do at St. John’s that says something different than what people think the Christian church is about? How can we think outside the “religious” box that others may put us in? If your world saw your faith differently, without preconception, would that change how you express your faith? Draw an image to portray how you desire others to see the significance & expression of your faith. Pin it to the map where or near where you live. You are the radical, counter-culture-Jesus-presence dwelling there.

reflect and embrace this loss . . . let God weave it into your heart.

Interactive Prayer Station #2: Letting Go

Materials: Pencils, Tape, Index Cards


At baptism, water becomes thicker than blood. While we are bonded together following Jesus Christ in his tribe, being & moving as one in him, each person follow differently & uniquely compared to another – what different gifts do you bring & how might they be used to initiate something unique at St. John’s. Write it on a card & hang it, using tape to connect it to another’s.

now briefly embrace this loss . . . allow God to broaden your journey.

Interactive Prayer Station #3: Doubt & Determination

Materials: Post-its, Pens


The Christian faith is not the tool of culture. Christ calls us to up-end the old order of violence & death. How then should the church be contrary to culture? Write on a post-it note how you think the church should be, or is different than the rest of culture & place it among the other prayers that Jesus Christ offers up on our behalf to God, who hears our yearnings for the future, the significant compassion of which we are part, this tribe, called church.

take time to embrace this loss . . . invite God to enhance your faith journey.

Prayer Station for Kids:

Materials: Sea pods, Paper cups, Water, Water can, Toothpicks, Labels, Markers

OLDER KIDS: Write on a piece of paper something (like joy, patience, love, sympathy, generosity) you think God is planting and growing in you. Tape them each to a toothpick, then stick them in the soil. As you watch the plant grow in the next few weeks think about how God is growing all these things in your life.

ALL KIDS: Take a paper cup and wrap this label around it and tape it on. Choose a plant you want to grow, take off the top and put it in the cup, add some water and take it home. Take care of it like God takes care of you. God will grow something beautiful in you.



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