Interactive Prayer Stations on Easter & Transformation

These prayer stations focus on Easter and Transformation. In a sermon, I had shared what a caterpillar goes through to transform into a butterfly. Using the metamorphosis as a metaphor, the stations are an opportunity to reflect on the transformation of one’s faith journey.

Throughout the season of Easter, I hung about a thousand paper butterflies. The butterflies are approximately 4 inches wide. I used a mixture of card stock and scrapbook paper. The butterflies were hung using filament and deer netting.

Interactive Prayer Station #1: Caterpillar

Materials: Paper Leaves, Markers, Green Hanging Paper Lanterns, Wiggly Eyes, Black Pipe Cleaners


Interactive Prayer Station #2: Metamorphosis

Materials: Markers, Water-Soluble Dissolving Paper, Bowl, Water

Interactive Prayer Station #3: Butterfly

Materials: Flowers, Vase, Paper Butterflies, Markers


One thought on “Interactive Prayer Stations on Easter & Transformation

  1. Thank you for sharing all of your ideas. I make it a discipline each day during the season of Easter to wear butterflies every day. When I get dressed in the morning I ask myself, where am I going to wear my butterflies today (ear rings, pins, scarfs, etc.) and how am I going to bear witness to the resurrection today. It is the second question that really maters as we celebrate resurrection and new beginnings.

    Janet Macgregor-Williams


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