Interactive Prayer Stations on Epiphany, Wilderness, & the Wise Men

These prayer stations focus on Epiphany, using different art of the Three Wise Men. As people participated in the different prayer stations, they were invited to look at different interpretations of the Three Wise Men.

“Three Wise Men” by Harold Egbune
“Aboriginal Wise Men” by Linda Syddick Napaltjarri
“Wise Men” by Sadao Watanabe
“Wise Men Abstract” by Maxine Martin
“Waiting for Wise Men” by Lee Kaercher

Interactive Prayer Station #1: Follow the Star

Materials: Paper Stars, Markers


Interactive Prayer Station #2: Symbol

Materials: Sticks, Sand, Tub, Fabric, Large Post-its, Markers

Interactive Prayer Station #3: Forty

Materials: Air Dry Clay, Candles, Wire, Hand Wipes

This idea came from Advent Journal Spirals.


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