A Labyrinth: Pandemic-friendly

While faith communities in San Francisco are still not worshiping in person, I recognize that people are carrying a lot of anxiety leading up to Election Day. Since St. John’s is a polling site, we are opening our sanctuary on selected days for people to walk a makeshift lighted labyrinth and receive a brief moment of peace and stillness.

At the entrance, we provide all things necessary for a safe experience.

People are then invited to walk the labyrinth. This particular design is a spiral labyrinth, where you enter one and and exit another way. No one has to cross paths.

As they exit, people are invited to light a candle. For fire safety, I chose really tall votives, using spaghetti to light the candle. (I placed a fire extinguisher next to the table . . . just in case.)

People could also write prayers as well.

Be sure to vote!!

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