No Stress, No Fuss Christmas Pageant: Online

Since we are not able to gather in person during the pandemic, we are moving our Christmas Pageant online. To adjust the pageant to an online format, we are inviting people to sign up for different parts: Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Astronomers, Animals, and Angels. (You can view the script here.) Participants will video themselves reading the parts. They can provide their own costumes, but are providing simple costumes for people to print out and use. For angels, we suggest them using garland for a halo. For the animals, I purchased animal crowns. The hymns will be woven throughout the pageant. Participants are also invited to video themselves singing the “gloria” part in “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”

As you can tell, I’ll do anything to entice people to participate.

This is how our online pageant worked out. I tried to capture some of the chaos that happens when we do this in-person. The fun surprise were the submissions people sent in such as a joke or a song they wrote. The pageant starts at 12:35 marker.

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