Lenten Sand Garden

Needless to say that for the past year, we have been journeying through Lent. And yet, here we are in the season of Lent while still sheltering in place because of the pandemic. While Lent usually involves giving something up and accompanying Jesus along the difficult wilderness journey, we decided to focus on respite, strength, and yes, even joy. In a way, what we are choosing to give up is the forced solitude, loneliness, and weariness we have been carrying.

To accompany the Lent Guide Book we put together, we constructed a sand garden (designed by pastoral assistant, Sam Lundquist) for neighbors to lay down their prayers, light a candle, and add to the garden. This garden will evolve over the next weeks (stay tuned as I will update this blog with more pictures.)

SUPPLIES: 2 x 4’s, plywood, plastic (like painters tarp), bags of sand, rocks, candles

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