Let’s Eat: The Food of Our Faith

This is a 8-part series on food stories in the bible and how that informs our faith.

On the chancel, we stacked food boxes collected from our weekly food pantry and set the large communion table covered with a white table cloth in the middle of the sanctuary. Each Sunday, the table dressing changed according to the bible story.

manna & quail

Scripture: Exodus 16:1-18

The table is set for a meal. Worshippers were invited to write words that the world needs more abundance of.


Scripture: Genesis 18:1-15

Worshippers were asked to reflect on moments they were welcomed and what made them feel welcomed.


Scripture: Genesis 47:13-27

The table is bare to reflect the absence of food.

First fruits of the harvest

Scripture: Deuteronomy 26:1-11

The table is filled with pre-packaged, prepared, easy-to-eat food and drink items that worshippers were asked to donate to stock up our pantry to fill up our Help Box that is available to anyone who needs something to eat or drink.

They were also invited to make origami coasters for the table. With each fold, they were invited to prayerfully reflect on ways they can share the abundance with others.

wedding at cana

Scripture: John 2:1-11

The table is decorated with wine bottles.

Worshippers were invited to dip the bottom of a wine bottle or wine cork into a bowl of grape juice and stamp it on the table cloth, then write what gives them abundance.

bread of life

Scripture: John 6:25-59

The table was set with 12 baskets of bread. Worshippers were invited to write down prayers for someone, somewhere, something in our city that are hungry for love.

living water

Scripture: John 4:1-42

The Scripture was read in parts with the song Come and Listen by David Crowder.

The table was filled with glass vessels of water, where worshippers could interact with water in however they needed to experience the presence of Jesus.

  • a bowl of ice – as you hold the ice cube, what needs to melt away in you to be open to God’s presence?
  • warm hand towels – feel the warmth of God’s presence and let that seep into places that need warming.
  • Effervescent tablets – Consider what you need to let go of. Drop a tablet in the water. As the bubbles rise, release whatever is clinging to you.
  • Cups of water – What are you thirsting for? Drink a cup of water and allow God to quench your thirst and replenish you.

the last breakfast

Scripture: John 21:1-19

The communion table was removed from the center and instead little tables were scattered among the seating.

In the center was my makeshift campfire since Jesus was grilling fish and bread on the shoreline around the fire. In the campfire were food items that represented the story. People were allowed to come to the campfire and make themselves a bag of trail mix.

  • Pretzel grids – fishing nets
  • Goldfish crackers – fish
  • Wheat Chex – bread
  • Raisins – wine/juice
  • Chocolate – because every trail mix should have chocolate.

For communion, we passed out trays with Hawaiian bread rolls, rice cracker (gluten free), paper cup of juice, communion cups, and sanitary wipes.

Worshippers were invited to participate in the communion liturgy around little tables, breaking bread and pouring the cup together.

The communion liturgy was interwoven with the song, “All Belong Here” by The Many and ended with the song, “The Crowded Table” by the Highwomen.

After the worship service, we ended the series with a chocolate chip cookie contest, where worshippers were invited to bring in cookies as well as pick their top 3 favorites. Cookie recipes were shared as well.

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