a little more about me

the 70’s

MOTTO: Life is a beach!

FAVES: Key Lime Pie, Chocolate-covered Caramels, the Beach, using my imagination, the Donnie and Marie Osmond Show

COULD DO WITHOUT: not much, life was good.

Parents immigrated to United States

Entered the world via Melbourne, Florida

the 80’s

MOTTO: Just Do It!

FAVES: Madonna, Depeche Mode, Sports, defying my parents

COULD DO WITHOUT: working at my parent’s Dry Cleaners

Grew up in Reno, Nevada

Met older sister at the age of 7

Introduced to God at Korean Presbyterian Church of Reno

Baptized at First Southern Baptist Church of Reno

Traveled to Korea for first time

Part of an awesome youth group at Korean Presbyterian Church of Reno

Loved track and cheerleading

the 90’s

MOTTO: Expect the Unexpected!

FAVES: Singing, trying new things, teaching

COULD DO WITHOUT: angst of being in my 20’s, Chicago winters

Studied in Seoul, Korea & San Sebastian, Spain & traveled throughout Europe

Youth Leader at Korean Presbyterian Church of Reno

Attended a Vineyard turned Pentecostal church

Design Team: Discovery Camp (Synod of the Pacific) (1993)

Leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Cheerleader for the University of Nevada Wolfpack

Small Group Leader & Planning Team at Montreat Youth Conferences (1995-2000)

Graduated from University of Nevada with a B.S. in Chemistry

Taught children with autism

Wandering years: pageants, sky-diving, DJ for Christian radio station

Theological Student Advisory Delegate to the 211th General Assembly (1999)

Advisor for the National Asian Presbyterian Youth Council (1999)

the 00’s

MOTTO: Jesus loves me this I know . . .

FAVES: babies’ breath, giggles, curiosity, milestones; baking, art

COULD DO WITHOUT: bugs that my kids consider as pets, lack of sleep

Pastoral Intern: Ducksoo Presbyterian Church, Seoul, Korea (2000) & Morgan Park Presbyterian Church, Chicago (2000)

Graduated from McCormick Theological Seminary (2001)

Fell in love & got married to Rev. InHo Kim (2001)

Co-Director: Peacemaking Conference (2001)

Clinical Pastoral Education program at UCSF Medical Center (2003)

Coordinating Team & Treasurer: Korean American Presbyterian Clergywomen (2003-2009)

Planning team: Presbyterian Youth Triennium (2004)

Ordained & Installed as associate pastor at St. John’s Presbyterian Church, San Francisco (2004)

Worship Team: 7% Young Adult Conference (2005)

Had babies!

Chair: Healthy Congregations—New Church Dev., Redevelopments, racial ethnic churches, churches in transition (2004-2009)

Member: Sexual Misconduct Policy Review Team for Presbytery of San Francisco (2007)

the 10’s

MOTTO: The Sky’s the Limit

FAVES: a good cup of coffee, chocolate, kimchee, listening to my son read

COULD DO WITHOUT: Seriously, bugs are not pets, close-mindedness

Member: Asian Presbyterian Women Mentoring Project (2010)

Volunteer Chaplain: UCSF Children’s Hospital for Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units (2010)

Commissioner to 219th General Assembly (2010)

Vice Moderatorial Candidate: 219th General Assembly (2010)

Moderator of Committee for Social Justice A: the Promotion of Social Righteousness: 219th General Assembly (2010)

Member: General Assembly Committee on Biennial Review (2010-now)

Planning Team & Facilitator: Six Agency Leadership Initiative Consultation (2011)

Vice Moderator of Presbytery of San Francisco (2011)

PCUSA Representative: the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation in Jamaica to celebrate the decade to end violence (2011)

Planning Team: San Francisco Urban Legacy Convocation – bringing together 22 San Francisco PCUSA churches to discern ministry together (2011-now)

Member: Staff ReDesign Task Force for Presbytery of San Francisco (2011)

Youth Coordinator, Speaker at Clergywomen Luncheon, Communion Celebrant: Big Tent (2011)

Member: Presbytery Pastor/Elder Search Team for Presbytery of San Francisco (2011-2012)

Moderator of Presbytery of San Francisco (2012)

Keynoter: National Association Presbyterian Clergywomen Conference (2012)

Speaker/Workshop Leader: NEXT Conference (2012)

Preacher: Montreat Middle School Conference (Summer 2012)

Keynoter: Presbyterian Women in the Synod of Lakes and Prairies (Summer 2013)

Published articles & blogs in Christian Century, Sojourners God’s Politics, Christians for Biblical Equality, ecclesio.com, the Presbyterian Leader, and other blog sites

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