Church on Purpose: Reinventing Discipleship, Community, & Justice

Chapter 5: Reinventing the One-Room Worship House (2015)


Presbyterians Today Magazine

Wreck This Church


Video Series for Lessons for New Members

Reader’s Digest

How America Prays (April 2014) (interviewed for article)

ADVOCATE: Association of Presbyterian Christian Educators

Making Space for Change (Spring 2014)

Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching, and the Arts

The What and How of Intergenerational Worship (subscription needed) (2013)

No-Fuss, No-Stress Christmas Pageant (subscription needed) (2013)

Presbyterian Youth Triennium

Article about preaching at Triennium (Summer 2013)

NEXT Conference

Preaching video (2013)

Renew 52: 50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation from Leaders Under 50

Create Family-Friendly Worship Spaces (2012)



Connected by Water (winter 2012)

Urban Ministry: Making the Switch (summer 2012)

The Presbyterian Leader Blog

May – August 2012 

Next Church Conference

Preaching on Luke 4 (March 2013)

Presentation on Building Community between Churches (fast forward to 1:28) (February 2012)

Church Next

Master Class on How to Start an Intergenerational Worship Service (2012)

Interview about the Art of Letting Go (February 2012)

Fidelia’s Sister: Young Clergywomen Project

Jesus & 3 Year Olds

A Day in the Life of a Pastor/Mother

Ecclesio.com: Conversations on the Current Scene through a Gospel Lens

September 2012 article on Children in Worship: It’s More than Having Coloring Sheets

April 2012 article on Urban Ministry: Making the Switch

November 2011 article on the Intersection of Age, Race, and Justice

February 2011 article on Women in Ministry in 21st Century

News ‘n’ Joy (Korean Church News)

July 22 2011 article

December 13 2010 article

December 1 2010 article

Sojourners: Faith, Politics, and Culture

Ties that Bind (February 2011)

List of blogs on God’s Politic’s Blog

Proclaiming the Good News of God’s Peace: Advent Devotions (Presbyterian Peacemaking Program)

December 7 Advent Devotional 2010

Christian Century

Lectionary: Ascension Sunday and Pentecost (2015)

Article on Korean-American Woman in PCUSA, Room to Speak (2010)

List of blogs on CCblogs Network

KoreAm Magazine

Interview by KoreAm, “Generation 3

4 thoughts on “Writings

  1. Dear Rev. Cho,

    As a former youth leader and lay leader preparing to preach on the Feeding of the Five Thousand later this month, I recall with much fondness and appreciation your sermon at the close of the 2013 Presbyterian Youth Triennium. I wonder if the text to your sermon is available for my reading and reflection. Thank you for your consideration and in particular, for your leadership on that wonderful candlelit night on the hillside at Purdue five years ago.


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