I grew up in Reno, Nevada and graduated from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago with awards in preaching and theology. Before coming to St. John’s in 2003, I completed a full-year chaplain residency program at UCSF Medical Center, where I provided spiritual care to patients, families, and staff. I am active in all levels of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., including youth conferences, women leadership conferences, Peacemaking Conferences, General Assembly Committees, and recently served as Moderator for the Presbytery of San Francisco. I also have had a variety of life experiences that include teaching children with special needs and working in a multi-racial urban congregation in Chicago and Seoul, Korea. All this contributes to my passion for child advocacy, creating intergenerational worship experiences, and urban ministry.

I have published articles and written blogs in Christian CenturySojourners God’s Politics, Christians for Biblical Equality, ecclesio.comthe Presbyterian Leader, and other blog sites.

I live in San Francisco with my husband, InHo Kim, our two children, and our dog, Finn.

Explanation of Blog Title, Still Waters

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  2. Ms Cho –

    Just read your article on SOJO and found it very informative. I believe that women in ministry is vital to the future of the Christian church. (just me but not sure that I am personally ready for a female sr pastor)

    Thanks for your article and just wanted you to know that I read it. I have to communicate to you this way as I have been kicked off Sojo. Guess it is OK for their authors to be on the edge as well as more liberal bloggers. As a conservative – guess I am expendable.

    Really not concerned about them – understanding is much more improtant to me than cloning little ‘Wallisites’

  3. When I asked my mother why they named me Randal, she told me they got it from the Bible. Someone must have written it in the margins somewhere of her Bible. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas.

  4. Dear Theresa Cho,
    We recently read your article “10 Ways to Revive a Dying Church” in Sojourners’s newsletter and thought it was great! We liked it so much we think all the elders in the Presbyterian Church in Canada should have a chance to read it, so we’ like to summarize it (and include a link to your original full version) on our website– in our Elders’ Toolbox. Please email me at to confirm whether or not we can have your permission to use it. (Or does Sojourners hold the copyright for the article?)
    Communications Administrator,
    Elders’ Institute, St. Andrew’s Hall
    Vancouver BC

  5. Theresa,
    First, thanks for all that you post and share so freely. I really appreciate your insight and creativity.
    I have been particularly interested in your prayer stations for toddlers as our church situation (I am the pastor of a small Pres. church in MA) is similar to yours in some ways.
    I am hoping to do prayer stations around Worldwide communion and the peacemaking offering on Oct. 2nd and I was wondering if you had anything you had done that you would like to share :) or ideas that might work. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
    In Christ,

    Chip Stapleton

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  8. Theresa…you once wrote an article about some of the experiments that you were doing at Presbytery Meetings in SF…where can I get a link to that?

    I pray you are well…


  9. Theresa, I am a fellow WP blogger and have been following your blog for awhile. I really appreciate your writing–especially your creative ideas for worshiping with children. I am currently working on a family spiritual formation blog project and would love to include your voice among the contributors. If you are interested, please be in touch at practicingfamilies at gmail dot com

    Blessings to you in the new year!

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