These blog posts range in topic, but are generally about PCUSA to some extent.

Tapping Living Water

Daughters of Deborah: What Is a Leader in the 21st Century?

Both Sides of the Truth: Non-Geographic Presbyteries

Changing General Assembly: Can It Be Possible?

How to Shape Conversations in the 21st Century?

My Thoughts on Non-Geographic Presbyteries

The Intersection between Age, Race, and Justice: It’s Complicated

Future of Urban Ministry: You Say Potato, I Say Potahto

What Does Baseball and PCUSA Have in Common? Transformation

My Charge to the Presbytery of San Francisco

Expanding Our Baptismal Community

What’s Next PCUSA? Living in the Wilderness

Help the Children: Empower or Save?

The World Is Flat? Or Is It? – Changes in Presbytery & GA

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Is There a Different Way to do Presbytery Meetings?

A Moderator’s Instruction Manual

How To Integrate Worship in Meetings

Hey PCUSA, Stare Death in the Face!

Non-Geographic Presbyteries & the Issue of Diversity

In the Middle: Intersection between Age & Wisdom

A PCUSA Open Letter to the Old Regarding the Young from Someone in the Middle

UNCO Your Church, Presbytery, and Denomination

Splitting the Presbyterian Baby

Advice for PCUSA General Assembly Commissioners

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