A Sunday (12) in the Life of a Pastor/Mother: Happy Birthday

Today, we celebrated St. John’s 142nd birthday. It always falls near St. Patrick’s Day, so usually we celebrate with corned beef and cabbage and of course a chocolate cake. It’s amazing to reflect on how much has changed in the 8 years that I’ve been there, I can only imagine how much has changed in the 142 years of the church’s existence.

I love looking through some of the old photos, especially the 1950’s during the church’s heyday. My favorite pictures are the pictures of the elders who are all men and another official club, the elders’ wives club. So, I guess if you were single, divorced, or a woman, you couldn’t be an elder. I wonder how surprised they would be if they knew that in the future, there would not only be a majority of women elders, but also a woman pastor. Fortunately, my church is very used to and accepting of having a woman as a pastor. They are used to seeing me preach with babe in arms. They are used to seeing my baby girl circling around me as I pray. Nothing seems to faze them really, which is a gift to me as a pastor/mother. But having kids in church is a gift to the church as well.

This year, I am moderator of my presbytery. Although we do have childcare, my kids usually like to sit with us during the meeting. However, with me being up front most of the time, it means that my children will be up on the chancel or even better . . . in the pulpit . . . literally. Last year, as vice moderator, I would stress about what to do with my kids when I moderated and my husband who is the chair of Committee on Ministry gave his report. We initially forked out money to pay for a babysitter, but 8 hours plus minimum wage on a pastor’s salary does not equate. This year, I let that stress go. If the presbytery called a pastor couple as leaders in the church then for us, it is a family affair. Whether you like it or not, you called the whole family.

Luckily my kids actually like presbytery meetings. My son still thinks they are as fun as Disneyland. When my term is over, I will actually have to take my kids to Disneyland to show them how untrue that statement is . . . AND to put off the need for therapy until the future. God bless double PK’s.

One thought on “A Sunday (12) in the Life of a Pastor/Mother: Happy Birthday

  1. I went into my first call with prejudices and stresses around time, noise, and children in worship — thankfully God led me to a church where all my worries were realized within the first week! I am SO thankful for that humbling experience. Many like me need to get over ourselves and focus on worship and service. Blessings to you and your family — and Happy Birthday to St. John’s.

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