A Sunday (15) in the Life of a Pastor/Mother: Marilyn Monroe

This picture is iconic. It comes from when Marilyn Monroe starred in “The Seven-Year Itch,” where she stands on the grate on a New York sidewalk and the draft from the subway below flips her skirt up. I think of this photo whenever I’m at church and the heater is on full blast. Our heater grates lie on the floor. Nothing like standing on the grate on a cold, chilly day and feeling the heat blow up and fill one’s clergy robe. My daughter has found this wonderful sensation as well.

Today was Easter, which means the church was full of people. Imagine then me standing up and giving announcements only to feel a draft coming up my leg. Not a warm draft as if I was standing on a heater grate. Not a billowy draft as if a subway was passing by. But a subtle draft that can only come from my 3 year old daughter who has hiked my skirt up to my thigh so that she could stroke my leg. Let’s just say the church got an Easter show they were not planning on. What’s worse is that she kept doing it.

Christ was not the only one rising that day. If my baby girl had anything to do with it, my skirt has risen as well.

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