A Sunday (16) in the Life of a Pastor/Mother: Exhaustion

My kids are troopers. It amazes me how well they do going to church meetings, Bible studies, and other church-related activities. Rarely do they complain. They always find a way to entertain themselves. I do my best to not take advantage of their willingness to tag along. Today was clearly a day when exhaustion has not only set in for me, but set in for my kids. Easter has a way of doing that. Christ has resurrected and now it’s time to take a nap.

I just spent a week in Hawaii visiting Japanese, Chinese, and Korean immigrant churches. First, 1.5, and second generation Korean-American pastors gathered together to get a glimpse of immigrant churches in the future. Because Asians immigrated to Hawaii first, we are able to see how churches have evolved or not evolved in the third and fourth generations. A common theme in these congregations is the lack of presence of the next generation.

I think about that with my children and how they feel comfortable and welcome in worship. I may not be able to control where or even if my kids will go to church, but I can do my best to give them a positive, meaningful, and welcoming experience. Today, my kids got to explore the story of the empty tomb through interactive prayer stations. As a pastor, I was pleased to see them engaged in the story. As a mother, I was thankful that this faith community makes it possible for them to explore their faith in a way that suits them.

The season of Easter is sure exhausting, but it’s a good exhaustion.

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