A Sunday (19) in the Life of a Pastor/Mother: Double PK’s

My kids are double PK’s (Pastors’ Kids). On top of that, they are also  PMK’s (Presbytery Moderator’s Kids) and COMCK’s (Commitee on Ministry Chair’s Kids). This week in particular they will really experience the full force of what it means to be all three, having gone to church with me yesterday and having to go to a 7-hour presbytery meeting with both of us tomorrow. Because there are times when my husband has to make his report, I am usually moderating, my kids are often up on the chancel with us coloring, playing video games or  . . . dancing.

As a pastor/mom/moderator, I try to balance the long meetings with some perks, like new coloring books, games, and snacks. It also doesn’t hurt that this particular meeting, my kids got to taste test the 200 sugar cookie crosses I baked and decorated to hand out to each commissioner.

I feel blessed that both my church and presbytery fully embrace the fact that they called not just me as a pastor or moderator, but the whole family. They have been wonderful in giving my kids space to be themselves as well as give them the attention and support that they need. That gift does not go unnoticed.

My hope for them as they grow up in the church is that it is a positive and enriching experience for them. I pray that they don’t feel the pressure to conform in any way, but feel the freedom to explore in faith, identity, and call and that the church was a nurturing place for them to do that. I pray they never lose the free spirit that they feel at church like this . . . when my baby girl yesterday was dancing on the chancel while the choir practices.

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