A Sunday (20) in the Life of a Pastor/Mother: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always bitter sweet – not to mention it isn’t too relaxing considering I always have to work on Mother’s Day. Personally, I am not that compelled to celebrate Mother’s Day because honestly, I feel blessed and appreciated every day by my family. But besides my personal feelings about Mother’s Day, as a pastor, Mother’s Day can be a mine field of emotions – mothers who have passed, mothers who struggle with loss, women trying to be mothers, women who have lost a child . . .

The last few years I have turned Mother’s Day into a day to celebrate all women in the church. Since carnations are affiliated with Mother’s Day, I bought Gerber Daisies instead and had the kids pass them out to all the women in the church during the kids’ time.

Last year, I wrote this blog post about “Living the Resurrection on Mother’s Day,” comparing what it would be like for Mary and mothers to hold grief and joy, death and resurrection at the same time.

I am grateful for my mother and mother-in-law who have sacrificed so much for family and love. I am grateful for good girlfriends who are also aunties to my children and help keep me sane so that I don’t give my kids more reasons to seek therapy in the future. I am thankful for my sister who commiserates and share the ups and downs of life with me. I am thankful for my women mentors who have shown me that I can be a pastor and a mother.

And mostly, I am thankful for women who make this world a better place.

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