A Sunday (30) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Middle School

This past week I have been a pastor/mother on the road. Instead of preaching at my own church, I have spent the last four days with 650 middle schoolers at Montreat Middle School Conference. It was a wonderful experience working with the leadership team and planning team.

Although my kids are still young, these middle schoolers were a riot to be around – so much energy, so much curiosity, and so much angst. It makes me look forward to when my kids are that age – this brief window where they are still children and trying to grow up. And while it was a joy to care for and nurture middle schoolers for a few days, I am ready to embrace my own kids tonight when I get home

The theme of the conference was “Rooted in Love.” A lot of what I preached on was about our identity as children of God and how God created us special.

Here is one of the videos that I had made and used in my sermon. Jamie Thompson wrote the theme song.

Here is a video that recaps the whole conference:

2 thoughts on “A Sunday (30) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Middle School

  1. Theresa was awesome! Our kids got off the van today and could not wait to share her story from Sat night! The very personal story she shared about her relationship with her sister was one of the most moving sermons I have ever experienced. Best worship leader ever at PC!

  2. Theresa – you were an inspiration to the all at the Conference. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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