A Sunday (31) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: 39 Eve

It is exactly a week away before I turn 39 years old – the last year of my 30’s. And though I thought I would approach 40 with trepidation, I feel myself running towards it. This has been an incredible decade. I was installed as pastor at 30 and soon morphed into a pastor/mother at 31. It only took until I was 37 years old to finally admit to myself that my call is to be a parish pastor. I’m not sure what I thought I was called to, but it doesn’t really matter because I was more certain what I was called not to be.

Maybe that is why I am running towards my 40’s. I am excited about some upcoming plans of change to the way we do things at my church. I’m very excited that I will be ending my 39th year with a well-deserved sabbatical that will be both restful and preparation to some future significant changes with my position at church.

I plan to guard my time more, spending more of it with family and what is best for my church. I’ve always put my own continuing education on the back burner, but now that I know what I want to learn and need to learn, I will guard my time like it is a prized jewel.

I think I am also looking forward to my 40’s as my children are growing older. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to refer to my baby girl as . . . well, my baby girl. I am quickly entering into a stage as a pastor/mother where distinguishing between the two will get a little bit easier and a little different as they grow more independent and have stronger opinions than what they have now.

So, I will enjoy this “39 Eve” as I anticipate a lot of good changes to come. Bring on the 40’s.

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