A Sunday (38) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Weddings, Baptisms, & a Baby Girl

One of the unique privileges I have experienced as a pastor/mother is baptizing my own children. There is something poignant about pouring water over your child’s head and saying “You are special. You are loved. You are chosen. You are a child of God.” It has also meant the world to me to see the church I serve live out their baptismal vows by helping nurture my children in spirit and body.

When my baby girl was baptized, it was quite a moving event. My congregation had walked with me through two miscarriages, so baptizing Isabella was truly a blessing. It is this congregation that has extended so much grace to me that make it possible to live out both my call as a pastor and a mother.

This weekend, I found out that my best friend is getting married to a wonderful man. She is not only my best friend, but the Godmother to my two kids. She was there when they were born and has watched them grow up, developing their own personalities. Another unique privilege I will have is officiating her wedding. I feel quite honored and touched to be able to be a part of her special day, the way that she has been there for me.

What is even more exciting is my baby girl gets to be a flower girl. The thing about asking her to be the flower girl is that you don’t quite know what you are going to get with her. She may be cooperative, stubborn, or steal the show. It’s a good thing that just as God calls her special, loved, and chosen, her Godmother also loves her in the same unconditional way.

I’m grateful that through rituals like baptisms and weddings, my baby girl continues to be nurtured and loved as well as me.

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