Interactive Way to Pray in Worship Part II

There are many ways to pray. Many use lighting candles as a way to mark or symbolize their prayer. Here is another option – weaving prayers on paper through a loom.

Step One:

Materials: 1 1/2″ or 2″ ribbon, glue dots (better than tape), scissors

You can use a table or edge of the chancel or any flat structure like a wall to adhere the ribbons. I space them 1/4″ apart.

Step Two:

Materials: strips of paper

Cut up strips of paper for each participant.

Step Three:

Materials: markers

I’ve used this activity in a variety of ways:

  • I’ve used it with lectio divina – where the scripture is read three times and participants are invited to write down a word or phrase that stand out to them.
  • I’ve used it as a way for people to write down their prayers for others and the world.
  • I’ve used this incorporated with a theme – having them write down their thoughts and reflection.

Invite them to weave their strip of paper through the ribbon prayer loom.

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