A Sunday (40) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Exercise

It may be hard to believe but this was me in college as a cheerleader. I used to also run track. It’s been about ten years since I exercised – well on purpose. Exercising used to be such a part of my identity and I remember the day in the doctor’s office when I actually had to check off the “no” box when asked if I exercise regularly.

I have a myriad of reasons or excuses to why I stopped and don’t make time to exercise:

For one, I am just lazy. Although I am a busy person, I can lay in bed all day if given the chance.

I also have a good metabolism, which I need to thank my mother for passing that gene down to me. It wasn’t until she turned 50 that I noticed her metabolism really slowing down. So in an effort to prolong exercising, I convinced myself that I don’t need to start until I turn 50. (I know this is not true, but it doesn’t take much to convince yourself to not exercise.)

I am too busy – serving a church, spending time with my husband, being a mother. Again, another bad excuse. As a pastor/mother, it is already difficult to protect family time and have a date day with your husband. To carve out more time for oneself, let alone to exercise, seems burdensome.

And lastly, I’m Asian. I know this logic doesn’t make sense, but go with me on this. It is a general “fact” that Asians age well. My mom is in her mid-60’s and she looks incredible. I can only pray that she passed down that gene to me as well. However, I always wondered how Asians age because while my mother looks quite young in her 60’s, I remember my grandmother looking quite – raisin-y. Is that an adjective? Seriously, it was like my grandmother shrunk. It wasn’t until I saw this comic strip that I began to understand the aging process of Asian women.

As legitimate or not legitimate as these excuses may be, in the end, it comes down to me not making exercise a priority and making the time to take care of myself. And while I would like to say that putting myself first is the main motivation for me wanting to exercise ten years before I was planning on it, it really came down to this one conversation with my baby girl: while poking my belly, “Seriously mom, who do you have in there?”

I’ve completed step one: bought running shoes and clothes. I am now on step two: downloading good music to run to. Assuming I skip step three, procrastination, you may see me running by in your neighborhood.

5 thoughts on “A Sunday (40) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Exercise

  1. Theresa, it wasn’t until I read this post and that cartoon that I felt free to say again something I said to a friend with a whisper and an “I’m pretty sure this is racist, but” qualification during our 10 days in Korea/Thailand… that “to me, it seems that Asian women seem either 25 or 75. Nothing in between.” Seriously, high school students and 45 year olds… to me… I’d have believed 30 for either. For my first trip to Asia, it was actually kind of startling for me. Glad to hear you say the same! I laughed so hard… and breathed a little sigh of relief to read your post.

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