A Sunday (41) in Life of a Pastor/Mother: Prodigy

A prodigy is a young one who possesses exceptional skills and talents. For example, when we think of musical prodigies, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart comes to mind. And who can forget Tiger Woods showing his incredible golf skills at an early age. There are many infomercials on TV to help your baby read early. I see toddlers on talk shows who can recite all the Presidents of the United States or all the elements on a periodic table. While these are all noble ways to recognize a prodigy, I’m pretty sure there is one that has been overlooked – attitude. That’s right, attitude. My 4 year old is quite a prodigy in attitude. While I believe she has a leg up in this because she was born a “double PK” (a pastor’s kid where both parents are pastors), I am amazed with her level of commitment in displaying such an attitude, her ability to throw in a few swear words with just the right inflection and tone, and her knack of choosing just the right time and place to display such attitude.

Just the other day, she was playing with her Thomas trains and I heard her say, “We gotta go, suckas!” Either my daughter was watching an episode of “Thomas in da hood” or somewhere inside her, she naturally knew not only the appropriate use of the word “suckas” but also using the right inflection on the “a” – “suckaaaaaas.” Now, you can think I’m crazy. Even my husband will say, “Theresa, really, I’m as impressed with her as you are, but I’m thinking we should choose something else to lift up besides her attitude.”

But if you think about it, it makes sense. How else do you explain last Sunday when she refused to go to Sunday School because monkeys don’t go to Sunday School and therefore every time she had a chance, she would dive off the pew to hang off my back while I lead prayers in worship? When I asked what she was doing, she said, “What mom, you had a monkey on your back.” Yep, that girl is a prodigy in attitude.

That’s my answer and I’m sticking to it.

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