Interactive Prayer Stations on Healing (Mark 5)

He responded, “Daughter, your faith has healed you; go in peace, healed from your disease.” (Mark 5.34)

I’ve been experimenting with the layout of prayer stations from the usual format of previous services. We had been doing a series on the healing stories, so this particular worship focused on the healing story of two women: the woman bleeding for 12 years and the 12 year old girl who died. This service gave worshippers an opportunity to reflect on their own need for healing and ways we can participate in the healing of others.

Worshippers are welcomed to participate in all or some of the stations. They are also welcomed to just sit in the pews and sing the contemplative songs as well. All ages can participate in any of the stations.

Interactive Prayer Station #1: Prayer Flags

Materials: Prayer flags (cut up pieces of fabric), Markers, Ribbon, Clothespins

Worshippers were invited to reflect on whatever prayers they have regarding healing for themselves, others, and the world. They wrote those prayers down on the prayer flag. The flag represented the woman touching Jesus cloak and therefore being healed. They were then invited to hang them up on the ribbon.


Interactive Prayer Station #2: Labyrinth 

Materials: Blue Tape

We recently changed our pews to stackable pews, which allows us to change the layout of the sanctuary. Once the pews were moved back, I taped a labyrinth on the floor. I wanted a labyrinth that had two entrances/exits since people were invited to walk the labyrinth on their way to hanging up their prayer flag. Walking the labyrinth symbolized the journey process we often travel in seeking healing and faith.

Cnossos labyrinth
The sketch of the labyrinth


Interactive Prayer Station #3: Healing Prayers

Worshippers were also invited to receive personal prayers by the pastors and others as well.

After worship, the prayer flags were hung in the sunniest part of the church . . . that God’s light and breath may shine and blow through our prayers.


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