Interactive Prayer Stations on Lent (Mark 10)

38 Jesus replied, “You don’t know what you’re asking! Can you drink the cup I drink or receive the baptism I receive?” (Mark 10.38)

These particular Lenten prayer stations focus on Mark 10.32-52. The interactive prayer stations are meant to be intergenerational.

Interactive Prayer Station #1: Misstep

Materials: Pens, Basket, Slips of Paper

Where have you found yourself enjoying or desiring attention, or a position of privilege? List the areas/moments/relationships where you have let go of privilege, because of your desire to follow Jesus. Reflect and offer a prayer of gratitude for the courage to do this.

Interactive Prayer Station #2: Clarity 

Materials: Pens, Basket, Slips of Paper

In what situation/place do you find clarity of service? Where do you convey Christ’s offer of liberation? Briefly write what, to you, is the basic gospel message that invites liberation. What positions are you in to share a message, serving others? Reflect and give thanks for a message.

Interactive Prayer Station #3: Struggle

Materials: Pens, Basket, Slips of Paper

How do you identify with the disciples’ tendency to have Jesus do things their way. Write out how Christ addresses the emotions inside your struggle. Allow yourself the liberty to struggle and to know that Christ accepts you anyway. Reflect and offer a prayer of celebration for this freedom.

Interactive Prayer Stations for Kids:

Materials: Rope, Pony Beads, Scissors, Tape

Make a friendship bracelet: a thread for you, one for the children of the world, one for God’s love who weaves us together as friends. Attach beads to remind you to pray for the children.

Instructions: Tie the three pieces of string together at one end. Children can tape the end of the string to a table while they braid or take turns holding the thread while a partner braids. If desired, they can add beads into their braid as they go.


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