Rooted in Love (Ephesians 3.16-20)

I designed the spirituality center at the Presbyterian Women’s Conference in Toronto. The theme was “Rooted in Love” from Ephesians 3.16-20). I took each verse from the scripture and connected it to a prayer activity. I also tried to have a variety to compliment those who prefer hands-on prayers, wordy prayers, and crafty prayers.

Materials: 2″ ribbon (for the branches), plastic chicken wire, zip ties, post-its, markers, 2″ grosgrain ribbon (for the roots), paper flowers & leaves, paper clips

Materials: brushes, water color, containers, water, water color paper

Materials: Yarn (about 50-100 yards each)

fastforward to 6:00

Materials: old bible pages, highlighters, pens, black sharpies


Materials: Duck Tape, Stationary Paper, White copy paper, markers, ribbon, Washi Tape, Glue sticks, scissors, insert


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