Interactive Prayer Stations on Pentecost and Immigrants/Refugees (Deut 6)

The suggested prayer stations are not overtly Pentecost in theme. However, it is during Pentecost that the Spirit made it possible for all to speak and understand one another’s native languages. At the beginning of the early church, diversity was honored and a part of the church’s identity.

St. John’s is beginning a discernment process of being a sanctuary congregation. As a part of that discernment process, worshippers reflected on the Greatest Commandment, which is to love God with all our heart, being, and strength as well as love our neighbor. Deuteronomy also names our neighbor to be the immigrant, the poor, the widow, and those most vulnerable (Deut 24). To kick it off, worshippers were given an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences that mirror the migrant stories of immigrants and refugees.  Following God’s commandment to love God with all our heart, being, and strength, God says the people of Israel are to do this because they too were brought out of Egypt by the Lord.

I paired each prayer station with a children’s book. The book gave an opportunity to not only hear the story from a different source but for parents to share it with their children as well.

Interactive Prayer Station #1: The Journey

Materials: small stones, Container, The Journey by Francesca Sanna and Stepping Stones by Margriet Ruurs

Interactive Prayer Station #2: The Old & New

Materials: Ribbon, Markers, My Two Blankets by Irena Kobald

Interactive Prayer Station #3: Separation

Materials: Shoelaces, Beads, Sharpies, Postcards, My Shoes and I by Rene Colato Rainez and Mama’s Nightingale by Edwidge Danticat

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