Interactive Prayer Stations on Psalm 150 and Praise

The suggested prayer stations are inspired by Psalm 150:

Praise the Lord!

Praise God in his sanctuary!
    Praise God in his fortress, the sky!
Praise God in his mighty acts!
    Praise God as suits his incredible greatness!
Praise God with the blast of the ram’s horn!
    Praise God with lute and lyre!
Praise God with drum and dance!
    Praise God with strings and pipe!
Praise God with loud cymbals!
    Praise God with clashing cymbals!
Let every living thing praise the Lord!

Interactive Prayer Station #1: Noise

Materials: different noise makers, markers, newsprint

Instructions: We are to cut loose, praising God with all sorts of noise, music, play, sounds that suit us. Use single words to say what the unique sounds you offer as praise. Be creative!

Interactive Prayer Station #2: Past

Materials: Candles, Lighter, Sand, Bucket

Instructions: Remember three things from your past that have been gifts of God to give light to your way as you grow older. Light three candles as signs of remembering those lights that continue to shine in your life, thanking and praising God for them.

Interactive Prayer Station #3: Present

Materials: Ice, bowls, towels

Instructions: Today can seem hard and cold, yet as we praise God, can challenges soften and warm? Take a piece of ice, hold it in your hand, feel it dissolve, reminding you to praise God for all that is today. What are stony, may become warm, precious gifts.

Interactive Prayer Station #4: Future

Materials: Post-its, Markers

Instructions: What are 5 landmarks or seasons on your horizon for which you can praise God now in anticipation. Perhaps they are joyful or perhaps overwhelming. Write it out and post-it to the horizon.


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