Sabbath Ritual

This is a simple and easy ritual to do. I used it for a worship theme on Sabbath. I invited people to reflect on things they wanted to rest from.

Participants may want to write something they need to let go of – maybe it is the weight of loss or grief that they have been carrying for a while – maybe it is fear of the unknown.

Maybe it is something they desire to rest from – other people’s expectations, illness, insecurity (whether emotional, financial, or physical).

Maybe it is something that is tugging at their heart to participate in – something that will give rest to another – helping a neighbor out, volunteering for something, practicing kindness.

Participants wrote those things on a piece of paper and placed them in the baptismal font. I love how the words break away from the paper as if it is letting go of what holds us.

The trick is to use water-soluble or dissolving paper and a Sharpie. The ink from the Sharpie holds the paper together long enough to float to the top of the water and give it a cool effect.

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