Life of a Pastor/Mother

I am a pastor and a mother. For 2012, I decided to chronicle my Sundays as a Pastor/Mother. I have two children – a son who is 7 and a daughter who is 3. Overall, they are really great kids, but because they are kids, they also bring challenges and moments I could never prepare for. They also provide opportunities to see things in a different light and perspective.

2012 proves to be a busy year for me. Unlike years past, in addition to juggling my life as a pastor and a mother, I am also moderator of my presbytery as well as traveling a bit more speaking at conferences. So not only will my kids be dragged to and affected by my work at the church, but also a myriad of meetings and my days away as well.

I know many pastor/mothers juggle their life. By sharing my experience, I hope you will share yours.

A Day in the Life of a Pastor/Mother

Sunday 1: Communion

Sunday 2: Epiphany

Sunday 3: Casualties

Sunday 4: Just Add Water

Sunday 5: Community

Sunday 6: Sisters

Sunday 7: Hospitality

Sunday 8: Up Close & Personal

Sunday 9: Improvise

Sunday 10: Jesus & 3 Year Olds

Sunday 11: Spring Forward

Sunday 12: Happy Birthday

Sunday 13: 3 Going on 16

Sunday 14: I Hate Balloons

Sunday 15: Marilyn Monroe

Sunday 16: Exhaustion

Sunday 17: Mullets

Sunday 18: New Shoes

Sunday 19: Double PK’s

Sunday 20: Mother’s Day

Sunday 21: Festivals

Sunday 22: Daughters

Sunday 23: Routines

Sunday 24: Home

Sunday 25: Fathers

Sunday 26: Summers

Sunday 27: Dear Daughter

Sunday 28: Hangover

Sunday 29: Children’s Sermons

Sunday 30: Middle Schoolers

Sunday 31: 39 Eve

Sunday 32: Sabbath

Sunday 33: Not Drinking the Water

Sunday 34: Roller Coasters

Sunday 35: R.I.P.

Sunday 36: Death & Sex

Sunday 37: Blessings

Sunday 38: Weddings, Baptisms, & a Baby Girl

Sunday 39: Questions

Sunday 40: Exercise

Sunday 41: Prodigy

Sunday 42: Grief

Sunday 43: the Family Business

Sunday 44: Post-Its

Sunday 45: Mother/Pastor

Sunday 46: Happiest Place on Earth

Sunday 47: In Honor of . . . 

4 thoughts on “Life of a Pastor/Mother

  1. Vickie – Breathtaking. You are so right, they grow up too fast and then you wonder why you ever waentd for them to hurry up and get out of this stage or the next .Oh what I would give to have just a few of those moments back.

  2. Wow is all I can say! I stumbled across the dying church article and then your blog and to say the least it is encouraging. I will continue to read…

  3. I didn’t know how hard I was looking for “Pastor/Mother” until I found your series. I’m currently preparing for a Sunday morning of racing to set up three Sunday School classrooms followed by an intense round of “now where’s the naked child????” with my 18 month old who follows me around (from class to class), stealing, undressing, and then hiding baby dolls all over the church. All this to say, tomorrow’s down time will be spent reading more of these posts!

  4. Hello,
    My name is Rita and I will be starting my journey into a Masters of Divinity in January. The Lord has provided a church, First Presebyterian church of Crystal River, Florida for me to go before a session. I am excited to see where the Lord will lead me and my family in our calling. I have however had some resistance of my pursuit within my Christian community and i am seeking out how i can find mentorship from women who have gone before me. Thank you! I enjoyed your posts and will continue to follow.

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